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Products - Pet Odor Eliminator

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Fresh & Pure Odor Eliminator mist is a totally safe, stabilized oxygen solution. This purifying agent effectively sanitizes while eliminating odor on contact in the air and on surfaces, without chemical disinfectants. Formulated to stay suspended longer in the air, this all-natural room purifying deodorizer is made with a unique, double-bond oxygen that provides a safe, effective way to eliminate odors occurring in the hotel, restaurant, business and home without contributing to indoor pollution. It does not simply "mask" the odor with typical nasal-numbing agents - it completely eliminates most airborne odors. It is safe, dependable, and a natural choice for creating the hotel, restaurant, business and home environment you desire!

Eliminates harmful antimicrobial chemicals such as chlorine, which is especially toxic to children and pets. It is free from any of the toxic "untouchables" which are so prevalent in most room sprays. When finished working, stabilized oxygen breaks down into water and sodium chloride (table salt). Compare to most products advertised for odor and sanitizing that have back label warnings such as: "Hazardous to human health and household pets". Fresh & Pure Odor Eliminator is SAFE for everyone, including women of child bearing age or pregnancy since it does not contain xeno-estrogens!

Other Uses:
Spray it in the air in musty or smoky rooms, hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, bathrooms, kitchens including inside the refrigerator; pet areas, babies room, where children sleep and play, where people have been sick, even in shoes, and car interiors. It is also recommended on countertops, wooden cutting boards (rinse after product dries), diaper changing station, on carpets*, and so on. This solution is safe for skin; use on hands and fingertips after cutting onion, garlic or handling fish. Spray directly on pets - it even eliminates the odor from a skunk!

*Test fabric for color fastness.

Spray into the air or onto an item to purify and eliminate odors.

To avoid water stains Do NOT apply to hot surface. Avoid spraying into open eyes; it may cause your eyes to sting due to the essential oils.

Toxin-Free Ingredients:
Purified Water infused with Sodium Chlorate (Stabilized Oxygen)* and Essential Oil blend.
*Stabilized, double bond, active oxygen
Sodium Chlorate is the most stabilized form of oxygen that breaks down into table salt (Sodium Chloride) as oxygen is released.

Available in Scented & Unscented for Pets!